Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Windy Day Whimsy (for Pentecost)

So what if a big
really big
really really big wind
just whips and whirls
and rips the roof right off your house
and tables and chairs do do-se-do’s
and all your papers, pots, and plans
go tipsy-topsy-turvy
and all that’s false or fearful
funnels right on up the chimney?

What if now your house is full of light
and rivers and rain and stars
and something so so so amazing
you don’t even know its name? 

"Windy Night" by Reene -- Scratchboard

Then what if you speak with tongues of fire,
or what if you can’t speak at all?
What if the neighbors think you’re high
because you waltz with one unseen?

Fear not—
it’s only omnipotence filling your heart
like a clown blowing up a balloon, then whooosh—
you ride the wind on wings of peace.

Welcome, Holy Spirit!