Thursday, January 1, 2015

Book It!

Reprinted from Cookies & Milk
a children's feature in SW Ohio newspapers

Where can you find dragons and dinosaurs, vampires and volcanoes, wizards and wildebeests, aliens from outer space and famous people from earth history — all under one roof?  

No, not in a new theme park from Disney-Pixar, but right down the street or around the your own local library! 

Huntington Library, by Aaron Logan

A library is a place of wonder and discovery — where fairy tales can come to life. Just open a book and plug in your imagination!

Do you have questions — about how computers work or how to become a champion rollerblader? The library has answers.
Are you looking for something fun to do? The library has a million good stories to share and fun programs just for kids. Do you have a bad case of the book report blues? The library can cure you — and show you all kinds of cool media to help with your homework.

Seattle Central Library, by Bobak Ha'Eri

Many ancient people revered learning and collected books and scrolls in libraries. In the great city of Ninevah in ancient Assyria, over 30,000 clay tablets have been discovered. They were once part of the Library of Ashurbanipal. Can you imagine having to check out your books in the form of heavy clay tablets? I hope you brought your camel to help carry them home!

Cuneiform tablet, by Fae

The most famous ancient library was in Alexandria, Egypt. This vast library featured lecture halls, meeting rooms, and gardens. It was a sad day for the world when this library burned down in a mysterious fire. 

Benjamin Franklin, painted by Jean Baptiste Greuze

The first public library in the United States was established in Franklin, Massachusetts. The town of Exeter had been re-named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, and the city asked Ben if he would like to donate a bell for the townhall. Since Ben felt that “sense” was more important than “sound,” he donated a collection of books  instead. And so began the first library in the New World.

Not far from Franklin, the city of Boston had the first pubic library with a special section just for children. The Children's Room, opened in 1895, placed more than 3,000 books within the reach of children’s small hands. The Boston Library also was the first to introduce storytellers in their Children’s Library.

Children's library books, by Trevor Mantemach

People of long ago would declare an “Eighth Wonder of the World” if they could see all the treasures available in your local library. And your library card is the “golden ticket” to all of this entertainment and information, all of the world’s best stories. 

Let’s book it on down to the public library today!   

Burlingame Library, by Kglavin