Sunday, December 25, 2011

What I Really Wanted to Get You for Christmas

  • a bright blue sky over a seamless field of snow
  • that drop jaw feeling that comes when a piece of music or art is too wonderful to wrap your mind around
  • a chance like Emily's in Our Town to visit one day from the past
  • a permanent vacation from arthritis, allergies, aches and pains

  • a leaf-crunching, wood-smoke scented Indian summer that lingers till Thanksgiving
  • a who-needs-fireworks meteor shower when shooting stars whistle and flash, whistle and flash all night
  • a refreshing swim in the ocean and a long nap on a warm beach

  • a sudden burst of inspiration / confidence / courage / laughter / peace
  • a magic wardrobe that opens to another world
  • a real-life get out of jail card that gets you out of writing a paper or doing the dishes or getting up early to go to work one yucky winter morning
  • a time-travel trip to the first nativity scene, where we could kneel before a cattle trough and worship the King of Everything.

But if there is a mega-mall or dot com that sells such things, I couldn't find it on Google. And let's face it — I probably couldn't afford to shop there anyway.

So I just got you this scarf / fruitcake / puzzle / potato peeler / stupid card (please circle all that apply...).

I hope you like it, but even more,
I hope you understand 
that what I really wanted to get you for Christmas
can only come from God.

                              --Patty Kyrlach


  1. thank you, Patty! so well said--what a blessing. I have to learn how to put photos on my blog.

  2. Patty that was wonderful. And the Babushka story was also very moving!

    I think from time if God lets us - we can share that special gift that comes only from Him! And perhaps that is a gift too!

    As for liking the gifts I did receive? Well my dear...we both received...little baby Simeon. I was humming and singing to him.
    "Jesus loves you this I know,
    for the Bible tells me so--
    loves you more than you'll ever know
    the Bible tells me so."
    I prayed for God to bless him richly and that he always knows where the blessings and gifts come from. I do believe he smiled several times...I know it was probably gas...but who knows, right?